• DIGI (Motorized or Manual)
  • The Hi-Resolution thread gauge:

Is used in the same way as the Combi Gauge, but with 0.1 mm or 0.005”

resolution per division for depth. Also equipped with a locking device that allows the measuring sleeve to be locked at the depth reading, or at a preset depth.

The placement of the thread hole to be measured is not always directly visible to the controller and the reading of the scale is there for difficult.

The locking device on the Hi-Res Thread Gauge makes it possible to read the  scale after the measurements been taken.

  • The Combi Thread Gauge:

To control the thread tolerance the LEITECH Combi Thread Gauge is used in  the same way as any normal double-ended thread gauge.

As the Go side is inserted into the thread hole, the telescoping measuring sleeve retreats into the aluminum body, providing the user with an accurate  depth reading of 0.5 mm or 0.25” resolution per division.

The Not Go side is used in a conventional manner.

  • The Traditional Thread Gauge:

A normal double-ended thread gauge.

Thread Inserts:Exchangeable on all gauges.

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